The lawyers at our office play golf for recreational purposes and promote golf for recreational purposes, as a game of fair play.

“Golf is a sport that anyone can play, although one has to be able-bodied and fairly fit (in the course of one round of golf the average golfer, when carrying their golf bag on their own, can burn up to 2500 kcal). Even so, it can be played both by a seventy-year-old and by a ten-year-old. The walk across all of the holes on the course usually takes between 4 and 6 hours, during which time a player is constantly in the fresh air and undergoes moderate physical exertion, mainly in the form of a walk of between 6 and 8 kilometres with a golf bag that weighs a dozen or more kilogrammes" (although fortunately wheeled golf bags are common).

"Golf is often perceived to be an elite sport played solely by wealthy snobs. In countries in which the sport is highly popular, it is in fact quite accessible to almost anyone who truly wishes to play it.” (Wikipedia)

Golf is also starting to be popular in Poland. Rules of the game can easily be found online. The firm is co-organiser of golf tournaments for legal advisers and bar trainees, as well as golf academies. Since 2013 the Legal Advisers’ and Bar Trainees’ Golf League Tournaments and Golf Academies, of which our firm is co-organiser, have been held at Golf Park Józefów in Józefów near Otwock and Lisia Polana near Zakroczym. These events are under the patronage of and sponsored by the Warsaw Bar Association. From 2015 onwards the main sponsor of the Golf League for Legal Advisers and Bar Trainees who are associated with the Warsaw Bar Association is Bank BPH. Any other persons who are interested may also take part in our events.


For updates on golfing events organised in Józefów Golf Park please go to, and for updates on events under the patronage of the Warsaw Bar Association please go to

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