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International matters

Our Law Firm co-operates with the lawyers from the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada and Australia in the Polish citizens’ cases which have to be conducted in those countries, as well as in the cases of the citizens of those countries which must be conducted in Poland, such as inheritance cases, including validation and administration of the Will (Probate), division of assets between sposuces or after divorce, and real estate cases. When necessary we search and validate foreign documents such as birth, death and divorce certificates in the Polish Vital Statistics Office.

We provide legal advice in English in the field of civil law, including contract and property law, business law and commercial law, labour law, public procurement law, construction law, copyright law and IT law, as well as inheritance and family property law.

In addition, we provide the following services to foreigners and foreign entities:

  • we advise on legalizing the stay of foreigners in the territory of the Republic of Poland and represent them before competent authorities;
  • we advise on matters related to Polish citizenship and represent foreigners in proceedings aimed at obtaining or certifying Polish citizenship;
  • we advise on the purchase of real estate in Poland,
  • we prepare and submit applications and represent foreign entities in the proceedings aimed at obtaining a permit to purchase real estate in Poland;
  • we prepare and issue opinions on the sale of real estate;
  • we compile the necessary documentation and represent the foreign entity at the conclusion of the notarial deed of sale of the real estate;
  • we advise on opening representative offices and branches in the Republic of Poland and conduct the registration process;
  • we advise on the establishment of commercial law companies and conduct the process of their establishment and registration in the National Court Register;
  • we represent the parties in proceedings involving the recognition of foreign decisions in Poland, including divorce and maintenance judgments and registry records (transcription);
  • we handle formalities related to the extraction of registry documents, land and mortgage registers and land registers;
  • we advise on inheritances located in English-speaking countries and co-operate with lawyers in those countries;
  • we advise foreigners on inheritances located in Poland.

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