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About us

Our law firm has been providing professional legal services, addressed both to individual and business clients, both domestic and foreign, since 2004. We deal with civil and administrative matters, including those with an international dimension, ensuring that the legal services offered meet the objectives and needs of our clients, are of the highest standard and are reliable and effective.

Our lawyers are qualified in Poland attorneys at law and advocates who have extensive knowledge and long-standing experience gained both in Poland and abroad and speak fluent English.

We co-operate with lawyers from the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Kancelaria Polz & Polz Warszawa

Professional legal services

Our attorneys at law and advocates are highly experienced specialists in the following areas of law:

  • business law and commercial law,
  • contract and obligation law,
  • real estate law,
  • construction law,
  • public procurement law,
  • labour law,
  • copyright,
  • IT law,
  • administrative law,
  • the law of succession,
  • family property law,
  • rights of foreigners,
  • tax and criminal tax law,
  • civil and administrative procedural law.

Comprehensive legal support for businesses

We provide comprehensive legal services for companies and other business entities which  include:

  • incorporation and registration of companies in the National Court Register and Business Activity Register,
  • day-to-day support of business activities,
  • provision of legal advice and opinions,
  • application for permits and licences,
  • drafting agreements and other documents, including resolutions, by-laws, regulations,
  • taking part in negotiations,
  • representation of business clients in proceedings before state and local administration authorities and before courts such as common and administrative courts.
Meet our team

We help in securing damages

We effectively litigate damages cases before common courts as well as before state and local administration authorities and administrative courts. We also represent our clients before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg in cases regarding infringement of the property rights and the rights to a fair trial.

We help in cases involving construction and real estate matters

We have extensive experience in advising and conducting construction cases, in particular concerning spatial development plans, land development decisions, building permits, occupancy permits for construction projects, legalisation of unlawfully commenced construction projects. We effectively represent clients before architectural and building administration authorities and before building supervision authorities.

In the area of real estate matters we conduct legal research relating to real property and regulate its legal status, we participate in negotiations regarding purchase/sale of real property and prepare or issue opinions on sale/purchase agreements of real property, as well as represent clients before common courts in all cases regarding real property, such as: abolition of property co-ownership, positive prescription, demarcation, claiming compensation for non-contractual use of real property, clearings of expenditures for real property and establishing of easements, including easement by necessity,

We help in probate and estate cases

We are effective in dealing with probate and family estate matters.

In the field of probate we advise on inheritances, wills, the acquisition of inheritance rights, death agreements and effectively represent clients in litigation and non-trial proceedings, for example in matters of inheritance division. We have extensive experience in matters of inheritance acquisition in Poland by foreign citizens and in matters of inheritance acquisition by Polish citizens in the English-speaking countries under the common law system, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Australia, where we co-operate with local lawyers.

In the area of family estate we advise on the management of the common estate of the spouses and the estate of the child, on prenuptial agreements and purchases of real estate and on division of the common estate of the spouses.

Representation in administrative and judicial proceedings and before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg

We are experts in judicial and administrative procedures. We effectively represent clients in judicial cases before common courts and the Supreme Court, as well as before state and local administration authorities and before administrative courts.

Our lawyers are also experienced in representing the clients before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg in cases regarding infringement of the property rights and the right to a fair trial.

Individual and reliable approach to every case

We take individual approach to the cases of our clients, first determining their goals and needs. We also try to gain knowledge about the specifics of the businesses of our business clients.

Professional legal assistance provided by us is intended to meet the needs and objectives of our clients under applicable laws, is independent and reliable and aims at the highest level.