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Real property and construction law

We provide the following services:

  • we advise on construction contracts and investment contracts, including contracts financed by foreign and European Union funds, and handle development projects,
  • we advise on the area development plans and decisions on land development conditions, on building permits, and on the legalization of constructions built without a building permit,
  • we advise on matters of expropriation and obtaining compensation, including matters concerning Warsaw-located land expropriated upon the Bierut’s Decree and land expropriated for public roads,
  • we conduct legal research relating to real property and regulate its legal status,
  • we advise on the abolition of property co-ownership, positive prescription, demarcation, claiming compensation for non-contractual use of real property, clearings of expenditures for real property and establishing of easements, including easement by necessity,
  • we participate in negotiations regarding purchase/sale of real property and prepare or issue opinions on sale/purchase agreements of real property.

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