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International matters: more »

Our Law Firm co-operates with lawyers from the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada and Australia in cases of Polish citizens which have to be conducted in those countries, as well as in cases of citizens of those countries which must be conducted in Poland, such as probate, divorce cases involving the division of assets and real estate cases.

We provide legal advice in English and Russian in the field of civil law, including contract and property law, business law and commercial law, labour law, public procurement law, construction law, copyright law and IT law, as well as inheritance and family property law.

 In addition, we provide the following services to foreigners and foreign entities:

  • we advise on legalizing the stay of foreigners in the territory of the Republic of Poland and represent them before competent authorities;
  • we advise on matters related to Polish citizenship and represent foreigners in proceedings aimed at obtaining or certifying Polish citizenship;
  • we advise on the purchase of real estate in Poland,
  • we prepare and submit applications and represent foreign entities in the proceedings aimed at obtaining a permit to purchase real estate in Poland;
  • we prepare and issue opinions on the sale of real estate;
  • we compile the necessary documentation and represent the foreign entity at the conclusion of the notarial deed of sale of the real estate;
  • we advise on opening representative offices and branches in the Republic of Poland and conduct the registration process;
  • we advise on the establishment of commercial law companies and conduct the process of their establishment and registration in the National Court Register;
  • we represent the parties in proceedings involving the recognition of foreign decisions in Poland, including divorce and maintenance judgments and registry records (transcription);
  • we handle formalities related to the extraction of registry documents, land and mortgage registers and land registers;
  • we advise on inheritances located in English-speaking countries and co-operate with lawyers in those countries;
  • we advise foreigners on inheritances located in Poland.


Commercial and company law: more »

- we establish, register and provide ongoing support for companies, cooperatives, foundations, associations, state-owned enterprises, higher schools, local government units and other units of the public finance sector,

- we provide legal services for the above-mentioned entities, their meetings and assemblies, prepare draft documents, including resolutions, shareholders' agreements, cooperation agreements, organizational regulations and rules of conduct of their bodies,

- we prepare commercial contracts and participate in the negotiation of the contracts,

- we advise on the organizational transformation of entities such as mergers, divisions, changes in the form of activity,

- we conduct legal audits (due dilligence) and advise on transactions of sale/purchase of shares/ stock, assets and enterprises,

- we conduct debt collection activities at both the pre-trial and judicial stages,

- we carry out liquidation, recovery or bankruptcy activities and proceedings of business entities.

Contracts and obligation law: more »

- we advise on conclusion, performance and termination of contracts,

- we advise on matters of liability for non-performance or improper performance of agreements and for tortious acts,

- we advise on matters of obtaining damages for non-performance or improper performance of agreements and for tortious acts, including from the State Treasury or local government units.

Real property and construction law: more »

- we advise on construction contracts and investment contracts, including contracts financed by foreign and European Union funds, and handle development projects,

- we advise on the area development plans and decisions on land development conditions, on building permits, and on the legalization of constructions built without a building permit,

- we advise on matters of expropriation and obtaining compensation, including matters concerning Warsaw-located land expropriated upon the Bierut's Decree and land expropriated for public roads,

- we conduct legal research relating to real property and regulate its legal status,

- we advise on the abolition of property co-ownership, positive prescription, demarcation, claiming compensation for non-contractual use of real property, clearings of expenditures for real property and establishing of easements, including easement by necessity,

- we participate in negotiations regarding purchase/sale of real property and prepare or issue opinions on sale/purchase agreements of real property.

Public procurement law: more »

- we provide legal assistance in the preparation of procedures for the award of a public contract, including the preparation of the Terms of Reference and other tender documents,

- we provide advice during the implementation of public procurement contracts (legal opinions, consortium and subcontracting agreements, consultancy in the case of control),

- we advise on appeals, participation in appeal proceedings, oppositions and complaints,

- we provide legal representation in proceedings before the National Chamber of Appeal and courts.

Labour law: more »

- we provide advice, consultation and legal opinions,

- we prepare documents and take activities for establishing, termination or change of employment relationship, prepare managerial contracts and non-competition agreements,

- we prepare internal documents of entities, including the rules of work and remuneration,

- we advise in negotiating collective labour agreements and arrangements with trade unions and employee representatives,

- we advise on the process of employment restructuring, redundancies, taking ownership of work plants in accordance with Article 231 of the Labour Code,

- we represent parties in disputes relating to labour law and provision of work under civil law contracts.

Copyright law: more »

We provide legal advise and prepare agreements on copyrights and related rights, including licensing and sub-licensing agreements, agreements transferring author's economic rights, and IT agreements for creation, implementation and operation of computer programs.

Information technology (IT): more »

Our law firm:

  • provides on-going extensive legal services to IT companies, which include providing legal advice on matters concerning civil law, the law in respect of entrepreneurs and commercial law, employment law, intellectual property law, public procurement law and personal data protection;
  • conducts reviews and legal analysis of IT projects in their various implementation stages;
  • prepares drafts, negotiates and opines on agreements relevant for the IT sector, including implementation agreements;
  • determines and analyses legal risks arising from IT agreements;
  • provides legal advice throughout public procurement procedures, both in favour of the contracting entity and the contractor;
  • represents Clients in public procurement matters in front of the National Appeal Chamber and the District Court; and
  • represents Clients in legal disputes concerning IT and programming agreements in front of arbitration and common courts, including in front of the Supreme Court.


Administrative law: more »

- we lodge complaints and requests with state authorities, bodies of local government units and social organizations and institutions,

- we apply for the issue of certificates, licenses and permits required by law, including the ones necessary to conduct business activity,

- we conduct matters relating to restitution of or compensation for expropriated land, including Warsaw-located land expropriated upon the so-called Bierut's Decree, land expropriated for public roads and land expropriated for EURO 2012,

- we act on behalf of clients before administrative court of all instances, including the Supreme Administrative Court and before state agencies.

Inheritance law and property matters of individuals: more »

- we advise on property matters between spouses and between parents and children, including management of the joint estate of the spouses and estate of minors, matrimonial property agreements, division of joint estate of the spouses,

- we conduct court proceedings to obtain confirmation of acquisition of inheritance, both under the act of law and upon a will, to declare invalidity of a will or to confirm the unworthiness of an heir,

- we conduct judicial division of the inheritance, as well as the proceedings for a compulsory portion of inheritance and execution of legacies,

- we advise on matters of acquisition, management, disposal, and protection of ownership and other property rights.

Foreigner's law: more »

- we advise on the legalization of stay of foreigners on the territory of the Republic of Poland,

- we advise on matters of Polish citizenship and represent foreigners in proceedings for obtaining or certification of the Polish citizenship,

- we advise on matters of acquisition of real property by a foreigner,

- we advise on the opening of representative offices and branches or creation and registration of new companies by foreign entrepreneurs in Poland,

- we represent parties in proceedings concerning the recognition of foreign judgements in Poland, including divorce decrees and maintenance judgements, and records of the Registry of Vital Records and Statistics (transcripts),

- we handle paperwork associated with obtaining of documents confirming civil status, documents from land and mortgage registers and land registers.


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Aviation law: more »

- we represent clients in proceedings before the President of the Civil Aviation Office, among others in the matters relating to obtaining concessions, permits and authorizations to carry out air transportation, permits for airport administration, and permits for the provision of ground handling services;

- we advise on the current activities of air carriers, entrepreneurs providing ground handling services and aviation training centers,

- we advise the passengers, carriers and airports on the passenger rights, including those relating to denied boarding, flight delays and cancellations.

Criminal commercial law and fiscal criminal law: more »

- we advise clients and we also represent clients with regard to all legal aspects of events that occur over the course of criminal commercial trials, including fiscal-criminal trials.

- we provide effective assistance even during preparatory proceedings conducted by the Police, the Internal Security Agency (ABW), Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA), Central Bureau Of Investigation (CBŚ) and other law enforcement agencies.

- we advise on ways of mitigating the risk of white-collar crime, i.e. financial mismanagement, fiscal-criminal liability of management board members of capital companies, crimes against creditors, and managerial bribery.

- we represent aggrieved parties acting as the subsidiary prosecutor, civil plaintiff, or private plaintiff;

- we advise on corporate liability for crimes and misdemeanours.

Legal representation and debt collection: more »

Our law firm:

  • represents Clients and undertakes amicable actions preceding formal court proceedings;
  • prepares court letters and applications, law suits, appeals and cassations in civil law proceedings, both in contentious and non-contentious proceedings;
  • represents Clients in proceedings in front of common courts in all instances, including in front of the Supreme Court;
  • represents Clients in proceedings in front of arbitration courts, including the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw and the Court of Arbitration at the Confederation of Lewiatan, also in ad hoc proceedings;
  • prepares applications, appeals, complaints and cassations in administrative proceedings;
  • represents Clients in proceedings in front of state and local administrative authorities in all instances, the Provincial Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court;
  • prepares applications, appeals, complaints and cassations and represents Clients in proceedings in front of state regulators, such as the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, the Civil Aviation Authority and the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • prepares complaints and represent Clients in proceedings in front of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg., 
  • prepares and conducts court proceedings in respect of actions for payment, including interim proceedings;
  • obtains enforceability clauses in order to commence and conduct debt enforcement proceedings;
  • supervises the debt enforcement proceedings.


Our fees: more »

Our fees are determined individually with the Client each time, and its amount depends on the type, specificity and complexity of the case. We offer different models of settlements taking into account the specificity of the case.


Hourly rate

The basic model is the hourly remuneration of the Law Firm calculated according to hourly rates agreed with the Client, taking into account the time necessary to perform the ordered work. The remuneration is calculated by multiplying the hourly rate by the number of hours worked for the client. The Law Firm records the working time and the list of hours worked is enclosed with the invoice for the legal services provided.


Flat-rate remuneration

For advice and one-off matters, we charge a flat-rate remuneration, determined by agreement with the client, the amount of which depends on the nature of the matter and the expected amount of working time.

In the case of permanent legal services, we offer a monthly flat-rate remuneration for a specified number of working hours of the law firm in a given month, above which we charge a remuneration per working hour of the law firm calculated according to the hourly rates agreed with the client.

Legal representation fee

Remuneration for legal representation is determined each time based on the workload and on the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of 28 September 2002 on fees for legal advisers' activities and on the State Treasury's incurring the costs of legal assistance provided by a legal adviser appointed ex officio.



The goods and services tax (VAT) is added to the net remuneration at the prevailing rate.


Costs and expenses

The costs and expenses incurred by the Law Firm in connection with the provision of services to the Client, such as postage costs and the costs of travel ordered by the Client, are borne by the Client. Other costs and expenses are covered by the Client, provided that they have been accepted or ordered by the Client beforehand.

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