Obsługa prawna inwestycji budowlanych - Warszawa Kancelaria Prawna Polz & Polz

Commercial and company law

- we establish, register and provide ongoing support for companies, cooperatives, foundations, associations, state-owned enterprises, higher schools, local government units and other units of the public finance sector,

- we provide legal services for the above-mentioned entities, their meetings and assemblies, prepare draft documents, including resolutions, shareholders' agreements, cooperation agreements, organizational regulations and rules of conduct of their bodies,

- we prepare commercial contracts and participate in the negotiation of the contracts,

- we advise on the organizational transformation of entities such as mergers, divisions, changes in the form of activity,

- we conduct legal audits (due dilligence) and advise on transactions of sale/purchase of shares/ stock, assets and enterprises,

- we conduct debt collection activities at both the pre-trial and judicial stages,

- we carry out liquidation, recovery or bankruptcy activities and proceedings of business entities.

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