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Our fees

Our fees are determined individually with the Client each time, and its amount depends on the type, specificity and complexity of the case. We offer different models of settlements taking into account the specificity of the case.


Hourly rate

The basic model is the hourly remuneration of the Law Firm calculated according to hourly rates agreed with the Client, taking into account the time necessary to perform the ordered work. The remuneration is calculated by multiplying the hourly rate by the number of hours worked for the client. The Law Firm records the working time and the list of hours worked is enclosed with the invoice for the legal services provided.


Flat-rate remuneration

For advice and one-off matters, we charge a flat-rate remuneration, determined by agreement with the client, the amount of which depends on the nature of the matter and the expected amount of working time.

In the case of permanent legal services, we offer a monthly flat-rate remuneration for a specified number of working hours of the law firm in a given month, above which we charge a remuneration per working hour of the law firm calculated according to the hourly rates agreed with the client.

Legal representation fee

Remuneration for legal representation is determined each time based on the workload and on the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of 28 September 2002 on fees for legal advisers' activities and on the State Treasury's incurring the costs of legal assistance provided by a legal adviser appointed ex officio.



The goods and services tax (VAT) is added to the net remuneration at the prevailing rate.


Costs and expenses

The costs and expenses incurred by the Law Firm in connection with the provision of services to the Client, such as postage costs and the costs of travel ordered by the Client, are borne by the Client. Other costs and expenses are covered by the Client, provided that they have been accepted or ordered by the Client beforehand.

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